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March 19, 2017

How to care for your jewellery:

Many people think that their silver is not real (is fake) if their sterling silver begins to tarnish.  This is a natural effect of sterling Silver, be it cutlery, jewellery, or anything that contains real silver.   Over time it will change appearance and develop a discolouration that is slightly yellow or eventually develop a purple-black coating.  When this happens, it makes it very difficult to appreciate the beauty beneath and making you want to throw it at the back of your drawer or jewellery chest.  

To take care of your Sterling silver Jewellery, avoid contact with the following:

- Hair dyes

- Swimming (chlorinated and salt water) 

- Exercise (sweating)

- Detergents containing phosphates

- Body lotions, perfumes, hair sprays, sunscreens, oils, and 

- Some paints including body paints.

**Harsh chemicals like turpentine, nail polish remover (containing acetone), bleach, ammonia and alcohol can possibly irreparably damaging your Silver jewellery and may also cause pitting to your gemstones.

There are many way to clean your jewellery.   Some call for toothpaste or harsh chemicals.   What you need to know is that Silver is a soft metal, so when cleaning your silver, you must be sure to take care. Even mild polishes will cause abrasion with some silver being removed every time you polish.

Clean with soap and water (not detergent), polish with a soft cloth (not tissue) and dry very well. Soap may dull silver but detergents may stain if not rinsed off thoroughly. Do not use toothpaste. It will scratch.

For general cleaning, use just a polishing cloth, as gentle rubbing and buffing alone should remove mild tarnishing. Polishing cloths are ideal as they are usually impregnated with a polishing compound, last a long time and give an amazing shine. Polishing cloths can be purchased at your local store.  However, it cannot easily reach grooves and/or crevices.

Store your jewellery in little "zip-loc" bags.  These little bags are provided with your purchase (just ask). 

Enjoy your jewellery purchase from Genesis Jewellery Boutique.   

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